Sunday, January 02, 2011

Good Morning America!

IMG_1021I’ve been up since 7am and I feel REFRESHED! over night I had some footage troubles due to my mom closing out the encoder.  So I told her leave the PC on so I can get the footage uploading. I’ve been doing that sense 8am. Folks have been calling & hitting me up via Facebook for footage since then.  Cats need to learn how to WAIT PATIENTLY!.

My 1/1/11 was nice. I got a lot of footage in. I was able to see my favorite folks, Crab Brothers and everything from TSU. Always great to see them.  I was very much pleased with the this years battle as a whole from the set up, to the outcome.  The set up was nice. the talk is back. The people are going nuts because the footage isn’t uploaded. but hey. that aint my problem. (LOL)

B. Coleman & Black did a great job. with the New Orleans Alumni All Star Band. They brought out some classics. they played a lot of new stuff. They basically set the tone for the future of N.O. Bands.. With Houston Gibson & Gizmo did great too. but they weren’t as good as last time. although this year the battle was way more entertaining..
I enjoyed My 1/1/11 …  as for now. I still got footage to upload & edit. so I’m done.

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