Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Went 6 years without denim

and today I bought a some jeans. hey they were $20 I’m good.  one of the few pair in my size. I went to K&G and saw some stuff in my size, but they were in colors I normally wear. I don’t really need Black pants right now. In fact, my folks tell me I wear black too much. hey, they sell it in my size.   LOL   I was in there hoping I’d find some good 48’s because I didn’t want to get a 50. that’s not my waist size.  The pants I have on now’s a size 50 and they fall off..   I didn’t see any shirts I liked in there so I went to Burlington.

While In Burlington I found a full would have probably come up to about $120 had I purchased it. but I chose not to buy after trying on the jeans and I realized there wasn’t a zipper. I put everything back and left the store. My brother wasn’t sure if I had enough to pay for it all . that was funny. There were jacket to match it all. boy that would have been a great outfit if only the pants had buttons. 

Tomorrow or Thursday I may have to take a trip to Soul train and rack up on some Dickies fits or something. at least they do run in multiple colors. at that point I can throw the old ones away. I may have to get some shirts too. I didn’t get any today. didn’t see any I liked.

It’s hard looking for clothes, especially the good stuff because everything seems to stop at 44. I’m not Tall so the Big and Tall section just doesn’t do any justice. why not a big and short section? lol  the best thing about the pants I bought from K&G was the the leg length. if it was any longer I’d be stepping on the back of my pants.. even when they’re cuffed

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