Sunday, December 05, 2010

Just when You thought it was safe.

As I stated in a previous entry  There’s this thing on Facebook where folks are turning uploading cartoons from their childhoods … The Idea was to change it til December 10th to show support against child abuse.  

At first I didn’t do it, all I did was post the entry relating to it along with the Tales from the hood clips… and just when I got around to changing my facebook image to Gizmo Duck…. Lo & Behold I get a message opposing the change to cartoons. saying that Pedophiles started the trend as a way to lure kids into submitting to them.. SMH! I changed my pic with the quickness back to myself.

Folks are claiming that it was stated in the News, but on yahoo they talked well of the trend. Oddly enough the Trend wasn’t That Great to begin with, it was just something to do. but to hear a backstory like that just makes it so uncool.  so I got rid of the duck QUICK!

Crazy world we live in..

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