Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Boy, I was about to get Mad! lol

So I checked my Phone and I got this message from Youtube about a content ID Match on one of my recent uploads. I almost thought this was from the video from the actual battle, but nah, It’s the lil promo I did which does have the NFL Theme song on it.  I was about to get angry.

I was about to get on here and rant until I saw the video they mentioned. LOL! because a pure recording shouldn’t have a content ID match. lol  I’m Relieved.

Speaking of that, Smokey’s account says he can upload for more than 15 minutes. I wish I could. I don’t know how  he has it. I know he’s not gonna do it anytime soon.  I may have to create a new account, just to upload my own footage only, without background music and things. because Youtube  has crazy rules . I still have a pending request for the partnership program. I’m guessing I’d have to delete all Content that doesn’t have an ID match. that would suck though. lol

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