Monday, January 17, 2011

I need to start drinking more water

This entry may be too descriptive so y’all just bare with me.  so don’t read this if you think it’s going to be too much for you.

Generally, I think / Know that my bladder is infected. I need to see a physician before this gets worse. Now that it’s on my mind. I got to get this checked out....  I realize this after looking up symptoms on the net..

Yesterday, I got up and rushed to the bathroom, nearly peed myself. didn’t pay attention to anything. my day seemed to go by pretty normally until i went to the bathroom sometime around 8pm. then i noticed bright red blood on the seat. i thought it was coming from the behind, but it was on the front. of the seat. I used it again  a while ago and there it was  again, . That’s what  the slight discoloration made me realize exactly where it was coming from.

Now that I’m aware of it, i can just about feel my body responding to it all. Now. I know what I must do. which i should have done long ago. 1. I must avoid the coke products. I’ve probably drank about 8 cans in the past week.. that’s not including multiple cups per day.  We have water.  I can begin drinking more of that starting now.I still need to get checked out. I don’t want my kidneys failing on me.

It’s time to get in shame man, I don’t want to lose myself in bad health.

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