Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just got through watching “Lean On Me”

And now that I’ve seen that for like the Millionth time it only reminds me of my life coming up and my view about nearly every situation regarding  the people I know or grew up around.  How most of us basically chose our destiny during our high school years.  It’s like choosing life or death. 

I came up with many people who are no longer living. many died between 16 and 21  those who have survived are still living a live that they shouldn’t be living. Many of them have never changed from the time we were in middle school. 

For me. coming up, I always lived for me, but also to make my people happy. not necessarily to impress them. but to make them proud to say. “hey he’s doing something” .. it’s the same when I go places and see my former teachers and school principals. those are the people who’ve played a large role in the lives we live and of course they want all their students to succeed, but they also know that everybody’s not going to make it.

With teachers jobs being to encourage students to succeed, I know it has to disappoint them to see a former student fall victim to the streets.  I’m glad I didn’t come up badly, even though I was living around many people who could have easily been a negative influence. but as I said, I never wanted to be looked upon as a failure. I’d rather be looked upon as a Survivor than somebody failing..

I may not be a success but I’m not a failure either as long as I’m alive I will attempt at success.  I do have plans & goals.  One of those goals is just not to be a disappointment.

… Yeah I'll be back..

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