Friday, January 28, 2011

Talk About A Problematic New PC… SMH

[hijack-logo.jpg]So I got my Niece’s PC. she gave it to me before leaving today saying that she couldn’t get online at home nor here./  The truth was, she was online but her PC was hijacked and all her settings were switched up.  not only was it connecting to a proxy server, but she has spyware galore on here. I always tell this girl about what NOT to put on a PC and she does it all the time. It’s also why even after fixing their home PC it still acts funny… they do what They want on their PC’s without thinking.

…Always downloading programs & Games that come with Rogue software that Hijacks PC settings things  like  Smiley Central, My Web Search etc. things that change your PC’s settings for the worst.  Her User Access control was all the way up, Normally as Admin on a 7, That’s down.

I’m currently scanning with Malware Bytes due to the fact that MSE is inaccessible even after upgrading her version.. It’s January, She got the PC for Christmas and already she has 158 infected objects.  according to Malware Bytes.  …

The Scan is over.. and all I can do is shake my head after removing and restarting this thing better be fixed.. lol That way I can put something on here that will prevent her from accessing dumb junk.

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