Monday, January 03, 2011

Some Folks Need Patience In Their Lives

I’ve been up overnight uploading footage. Haven’t been to sleep since a nap I woke up from at 8 last night.  Why? because I’m uploading footage.  After multiple errors, I’m nearly done. all it takes is for this last file to be rendered and uploaded and that will satisfy them all.  Otherwise. it seems like everybody wants this stuff but are acting like they cant wait.

I added Rounds 1 through 3, then 4*5,  The Drum Round.. Now 6 Through 9 is being uploaded as 10 and Houston & N.O Form a mass band to play two songs.   After that. I’ll be adding the last songs and a whole load of other stuff I recorded after the battle.

Aside from that. Folks just don’t know how to wait patiently. Every Quarter Hour somebody’s demanding or begging that the footage be uploaded. Yesterday I had to explain to these folks what I’m doing. I even gave screenshots depending on Timeframes. some still done understand. 

If a Video is 15 minutes. there are 30 Frames for each second. that‘s 30 milliseconds per second. being rendered in its original format. to sum that all up. It takes Hours to finish rendering. and folks act like they don’t get that It’s one reason I was up overnight for the past 2 days. I even had to call Smokey and tell him about it.. Only folks who do this normally would understand.

Overall after talking to many people about the battle, we all were pleased with the outcome. It was a great day in N.O band history.

I’m Out for now. I have other things I’ll blog about later.

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