Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Are They Ready For it?… Probably Not.

The Past 2 days I’ve been doing some Readjusting on the forums. Got rid of the STM committee & Created a Moderators forum for those of the group who were appointed Moderators. at this point, Danny created a thread asking for site suggestions on the main forum. while also asking, what can we (the moderators) do to keep the site active throughout  the remainder of the year.

He Suggested the return of a few Net Orgs, but I don’t think they’re ready. If anything It’s time for some new ones. DSRT and SBI used to practically Run the old Marchingsport forum. we were the most active members on the site.  that’s why we existed.  Now days we have seasonal members who are only there for the band discussions.   Danny Also mentioned HYD which started on SWACfans.. I kinda told him that the only way that should happen is if we have some of the cats from bandhead migrate to SWACfans.   It would be a great thing for both sites.

I’m still trying to change up discussions on there, just for  a while. but I don’t think folks are paying attention to it.  Being that I’ve been DSRT & SBI since 2003 Recently I made 2 Banners in representation of DSRT & SBI just to get folks attention. 

Yeah, Now I have to figure out how this is going to work out.  lol

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