Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Defeated Zant: on to Ganon

imageAside from all the wasted hours losing or roaming the land on the game.  I’ve spent a little over a week on this game. and I’ve finally defeated one of the top Bosses. Zant.

The game is old, but It’s my first time playing it.  Honestly I used loosely tutorials to figure some things out. otherwise I’ve defeated the  a large portion of the game without it.

136.59 Hours. was the time saving after beating Zant. I think that’s good considering the time wasted on doing absolutely nothing.

<--- That’s Zant without his headgear.

I’ll be of to the hyrule castle to fight Ganondorf in a minute. I’m only missing one secret skill. but I don’t think I’ll need it..

Most of the Bosses on this edition of  The Legend of Zelda were easy to beat. the only complicated part was figuring out exactly what weapon to use.  or dodging something that was bound to kill “Link”.. This game’s great.


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