Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sirens, Sirens and More Sirens

It’s about 7:25 and well.. The Title says it all. The first time it sounded like police cars and an ambulance. this time it sounded like the Ambulance alone I hope noone was shot.
It’s a shame when that’s the more possible to suspect here in N.O.

Currently were at over 30 murders in the city. That’s way more than last year about this time. My boy Josiah even said it’s nearly a 50% increase vs last year around this time when you compare numbers.  .. which it’s a shame to do that too.

As much as I hate hearing about it it’s always happening in N.O. It would be nice to go a good 4 months without deaths by murder.   We’ve already been compared to Warzones we don’t need to continue to meet the expectations of those who despise of N.O.

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