Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silhouette Behind The Gate

So Last night I heard Cheddar barking. usually he barks at people passing by when he’s outside. or if it’s a small cat he’d bark for a short period of time. This time the bark was unusually loud for that time of night.  I was sitting here talking to my brother when he started barking..  I had all the lights in the yard off so I couldn’t see him. I though he was out of the gate. 

So I went to turn on the lights and (they take a minute to come on) and went back to the yard to get him. he was still barking.  I knocked on the gate and he started walking toward me..  Before the lights came on I saw the Silhouette of a Man walking past the gate. I got the dog in and locked the doors. I' didn’t see him fully leave the area because there’s a building in our yard. maybe he stood  there hiding because I didn’t see him at all…. otherwise I went inside and locked the doors.

I don’t know what the man was doing but it’s stupid. on occasions in the past there were situations were our gate came up broken randomly. so we’re always on the lookout for suspicious activity.  The Most we get are cats around here. otherwise. folks are Nuts man..

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