Monday, February 14, 2011

Selfishness gets you nowhere

Aside from folks asking for the footage. That Fool called me up today asking me to put his school as the title and host. when clearly we were not at his school. This is the reason I even slept by his house. I assumed I’d be filming at West Jeff or something due to the fact that he originally said that HE was hosting the battle and he is an assistant there.. but no. it was at Wright..  on my side of the river…

After the thing I told him I was gonna leave, but he offered to take me home. and then acted like he didn’t want to the whole time. That Fool Pnut & myself chilled for a while but the dude is ignorant. trying to put me on the spot the whole time.  that’s why I hate doing stuff for’em. He always wants to be seen as “The Man” .. he didn’t have anything to do with that. it was hosted at the school, they provided food for them kids. he wouldn’t have done that at all.

But generally. it’s selfish to want your name all over something you only took part in. you didn’t host the clinic. I ain’t doing it..

Cats want to be noticed for things they have nothing to do with. smh

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