Thursday, February 10, 2011

So It’s Cool To Purposely Fail Passing Students Now

Basically. My brother is passing this class, but on the record he’s already failed it due to a teachers personal issue with the students.  he’s trying to get that cleared so he wont have to go to summer school but its up to the teacher to resolve the issue with the councilor.

my brother he talked to my parents about it and they got all worked up because 2 years ago he had to attend summer school due to a situation where the teacher failed every student she had. this time. its slightly different.  with this teacher,  the students were passing, but she changed up her format and gave everyone a failing grade and asked that they work it up (which is not a good thing to do) … The students all were working their way up, but she turned in the failing grades to the councilor purposely.  This caused letters to be sent to parents so that the students can be admitted to class.

Instead of signing the papers so my brother can have this done. my dad went to the school this morning to see what the problem is.  he didn’t talk to the teacher who gave the students a failing grade. which means, all he did was get himself worked up about the current failing grades. (which are technically false. ) Nothing was resolved. all he did was get informed info that is supposedly Incorrect. 

My brother says He has all the work that he did with proof that he was passing her class. but my dad wont want to hear it when he comes home tonight, he’s just goanna come back in here and go off the deep in because he didn’t hear anything the right way..

I think its messed up that all the students are failing because a teacher refuses to grade students fairly. My brother says he has proof of every passing grade he’s received in this course. but  because my dad went to school and didn’t get anything resolved he’s made I bigger issue out of something my brother could have gotten done himself.. 

All they needed to do was Sign the paper…

.. I myself don’t understand why a teacher would fail a whole class because a few students are a problem.. but that’s the way they do    and my dad is all for it .. he came in here like “yeah he’s gonna stop playing them games cause he doesn’t do his homework ".. COME ON MAN! you’re not here to see him DO homework.. My brother does his homework .. probably not well, but he does.. Checking Grades and Resolving a situation are two different things. I don’t know what he talked to the councilor for. when all the councilor will do is CHECK grades, not Resolve an issue that the TEACHER decided to create.

No sense in Failing a student for no real reason.  might as well not go to class then….

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