Friday, February 11, 2011

I’m out for the night

This dog hair gets on my nerves. I’m getting ready to head out to tape something in the morning. and what do I see while I'm going to get my bag… The Dog laying on the bag.. which he always does. but the bag was so hairy I had to wash it… The bag along with two jackets that had hair all over it.

yesterday I swept the big room because of the same thing. dog hair is all over the place…. that’s not good.. LOL why cant we breath normal oxygen in this house.. All the dust in the air! LOL I opened the door and saw so much dust when that light came in I just started sweeping everywhere the crazy part about it is that the room wasn’t dirty or nothing looks wise.. just so much built up dust.

But back to the actual title of this .. I’m going to be taping some drum junk tomorrow across (in Jefferson parish) the river at some school I never been to. so I’ll be leaving tonight because I sure wont have a ride to get over there tomorrow. 

I hope this doesn’t suck.

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