Tuesday, February 08, 2011

That Frat Shooting in Ohio

When I first heard about the news, my first thought was that it was sad… 2ndly I hoped it didn’t involve black students. Unfortunately I thought wrong. Not only did it involve black students, The frat was Omega Psi Phi. one of the most known black frats of them all.  Although the suspects weren’t part of the fraternity. it nearly speaks for Violence in within the African-American community as a whole.

I watched “Issues with Jane-Velez Mitchell” on Headline News, There here was a Member of the frat  being interviewed about the situation. I think he should not have been on there because he seemed not to know much about what really happened. most of what he said was “hearsay” rather than from direct knowledge of the issue.

As said in the interview and through reports,  Apparently there was a fight over a girl, Which is nothing to Kill or is worth dying for.  Two of the men were thrown out of the party. They  eventually came back firing at everything injuring 11 and murdering the host of the party. Tragic day for the students at Youngstown State, and that neighborhood as well as for that Chapter of The Omegas.

With that said. There was another Interview on that show with female guest discussing why would someone resort to killing or violent behavior in general. One theory was conflict with college students and locals, another theory is that somehow this mentality is genetic. I was all for it until she said it was genetic. as if all black people somehow resort to violence for the littlest thing.  which it seems to be the case in this situation.

I just don’t agree that Violent behavior Genetic. it’s just a decision based on emotion. folks are not thinking before they act.  and those that do have  had it on their minds long before doing it. I’m looked for the clip of the show but wasn’t able to find it. if I do. I may blog about it again. but I’m done with this post.

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