Monday, February 07, 2011

Just spotted an old teacher of mine

I was checking out a local show on the Public Access channel hosted by Lloyd Dennis. In this show he highlighted a stage play coming to the Anthony Bean Theatre.  He sat with 4 cast members of this play. One of them looked a lot like my. 11th Grade Chemistry Teacher Mr. Aubry, and it sure was him.

As a Teacher, Mr. Aubry was one of my favorites. Why? ….Aside from the fact that he was doing stand up comedy as a side gig, He was a good teacher. He always had some kind of Life lesson or  a story of some sort relating to everything. Whether it be a student who was a problem child, or a very talented or smart student. He would always encourage us all to do our best or “Try” new things. He even told us “Life” stories about his past profession. He was knowledgeable of in part due to his fathers work and his own schooling.  He was very serious about his work and teaching us. he would also tell jokes in class as it related to chemistry or what ever went on during the day. We even watched “A Man called Horse” in his class room. it had nothing to do with Chemistry, but we watched it.

one day while sitting in his class, I drew an image of  just about everything he was talking about that day. the photo was of a man in a lab coat along with chemical equations on a chalkboard. although the photo was fairly linier on my part. He loved it. he asked to keep it and he posted it on the classroom wall.  as the semester went on, He gave Pop Quizzes and a final because I was one of his good students I didn’t have to take his final. The Assignment he gave me was to draw an example of something he had recently explained during the month (yeah I forgot exactly what it was)…

Funny how with quickness this all seemed to flash through my mind after seeing the guy in all these years

Overall, the guy was a great man. I believe he only worked at Kennedy for a year and perused comedy from then on. with that said. although it was cool to see him on this local show taking part in a stage play.  It’s less shocking simply because it seems to be up his ally.  I think its cool.

I recently searched his name and I found that he was part of a documentary project called “Land of Opportunity” where he was gardening. in a way. that goes back to his roots in chemistry. once again, it’s not surprising, but hey. I’m glad to see that the man is alive and well.

I’d really like to see the full thing. I love to see things regarding the Recovery of our city.

.. Cool to me… I’m out for now.

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