Friday, February 25, 2011

TJMS put POSITIVITY on Blast… Not Cool!

After seeing this, I had to comment to it on YouTube and on my cousin’s page.

2-cent is a greatly positive group of people, what they do appeals the young generations coming up on all the new Hip hop & R&B. 2-cent takes the concepts and brings it forth to educate folks in our area.  They put their videos on YouTube to show the world what they do. It’s like “In Living Color” meets “The Lyricist Lounge” but way better.

Tom Joyner took shots at 2-cent because he’s looking at the references but doesn’t understand the message. 2 cent is feeding the people a positive message and is being criticized for it. Wow!

Reminds me of the situation when Bomani Armah’s Video “Read A Book” played on BET and the outrage of the people who didn’t find anything positive in that video. the situations are similar.

I don’t think that Tom Joiner Realized this, but by doing what he did on air, technically was backwards promotion of the 2-cent TV Brand.

on that note, Shout outs to B.Mike and the 2-Cent Crew for doing great things.

check out  they’re great at what they do.

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