Friday, February 25, 2011

Saving The Dying Breed | Trumpet players

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It just came to my mind that trumpet players from between 04 to 06 have referred to themselves as "Last of a Dying Breed" quoting it on their webpages, getting it on shirts as if they represent this Dying breed proudly. I created this topic to address this quotation as a way of  Reviving the breed.  or upper-brass altogether. especially within marching band 

You might be laughing, but I'm serious. from the time I was in band. I've seen people who started out on Trumpet and switching to an instrument of the lower brass class. I myself started out trying to play trumpet but was switched over to Sousaphone because i wasn't progressing. when I did get on tuba, I stuck to it. and was the only instrument I'd officially played during my career in band. although I did use a baritone on occasion to learn parts  had no secondary instruments.

With that being said, I brought this all up because in todays time. no matter the size of the band, IMO Trumpet sections have declined in marching band due to lack of focus on the instrument and players.  I would appreciate it if some Directors on the elementary & middle school start really teaching Trumpet players and asking them to Stick to playing the trumpet. aside from that. I'd appreciate if arrangers gave the melody to the trumpet players. if not. students will lose interest

... now days the only reason folks want to play trumpet is to sit out during the melody and scream all over the place when when their part comes. it shouldn't be like that. 


By my Sr, year in High School  we only had 28 Trumpet players, majority of them were upperclassmen. we were aiming for more.but it didn't happen due to the lack of incoming trumpet players. Yet our Mello section grew from 12 to 16.eventually we had to cut down on mellophone section back 12 players, forcing new mellow crabs to play 3rd trumpet. Not for numbers. but to balance the sound level of each part. having 10 first seconds and 3rds was cool. but it still wasn't even being that our thirds consisted of some of the weaker players.. and aside from all of that. Our woodwind section in 3 years time went from over 30 players  to being nearly non existant with 3 piccolos and 2 saxophone players and maybe 4 clarinets..

My reason for mentioning that was, even back then, the breed was dying. Why dont we teach those who are on these upper brass instruments to be great players early so that they wont have the desire to switch instruments..

The Primary focus is trumpet players but I had to mention the woodwinds just for extra points ya know.

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