Monday, March 07, 2011

Bacchus & Endymion Were Great

I got out there kind of early, early enough to catch the beginning of Thoth on Canal. Oddly enough the parade wasn’t over by the time I made it to the bridge.. That’s where I saw a load of cats including Frat and just other HBCU bandsmen & Former HS bandsmen from My Ara

The SU Boys were making a lot of noise under the bridge. The PV people were out there drunk lol I was glad to get some of it on tape. Hopefully I can do that again. Folks were asking for Tapes, Pippy was grabbin’ my hair.. up until her shoe popped I grabbed hers and well yeah Wig! LOL.. I knew that already though. lol  I’m going out there tonight.  I may go to burger king before I head out though. I need something heavy before I hit the streets.  Food on route is expensive. I’m gonna wear the same pants I wore yesterday with another shirt. I lost my towel so I was sweating bullets.

Finally I found folks who appreciate the free footage I’ve been putting out. LOL. somebody stopped me on canal  while I was onmy way home sayin’ “Book bruh, Thank you for all that you’re doin’ with the footage” LOL it was more too it than that

Tonight I plan on catching the end of this one through the convention center. hopefully it’ll work that way for me tonight.  That’s what I’m in it for. LOL!

It’s 12:26. when I woke up I thought it was 2:28 but my phone was tripping.. aside from that it still said AM. so yeah I had to reset it.  I’m good though.

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