Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mardi Gras Day, I’m DONE

I’m not sure if I’m going Out today. but I had fun for the rest of the season. I’m currently watching ZULU on TV.  Not sure if I’m gonna head out later but the weather isn’t the greatest.   I have pictures and clips to upload.  hopefully I’ll be able to do that. I may wind up laying down an resting for the remainder of the day…  I’m good for the season! lol

Last night Orpheus was nice. I got to record the bands in multiple spots  had a smoothie, Fooled with Roy. I got footage from the quarters.  in a way. I wish I had multiple cameras to do some projects with. 2 years from now I’ll probably have some serious equipment. save up $3000 for a Canon Professional camera rather than a consumer camera.  that would be a beast. lol

Oh yeah! THE RAIN is the reason I’m not out thee! ..lol I almost forgot about that.  It's expected to rain later.  Last Night under the bridge was fun. could have been better., got to enjoy the night fooling around with band folks. my feet hurt! LOL..  it’s wild man. that’s all. like I said… I’m good for the season!

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