Tuesday, March 08, 2011

For Coconuts, Is it that serious?

Two of my little cousins are in the hospital right now, somehow they ended up beneath a float while at Zulu parade. They’re should be okay, but it’s sad that it happened.  At these parades there are thousands of kids.  There was another kid who ended up under the float too.   Why? We’ll My Assumption would have to do with Coconuts.

At Zulu parade a common throw is the Zulu cocoanuts. folks collect them year after year.   They’re handed out by the hundreds through out the parade route. The sad part is that when one is thrown. people begin to Ambush that particular float and Rider. without regard to who is around them and would knock folks down to get their coconuts..  That has got to be the most unsafe thing ever. 

It’s always Grown men & women, 30 & 40 year old men who do this… And its like Nobody cares about anyone when a coconut is being handed out . They just Bum rush to the floats like nobody’s in front of them  . It’s likely that my cousins both ended up under the float after being knocked down by coconut hecklers.  Stupid, if you ask me..

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