Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mental Evaluation…Really?

,,,, Just saw the news in relation to the Guy who shot Gabby Giffords & Killed those others in Tucson, Arizona. They want him to undergo a Mental Evaluation to see if he could withstand a Trial. I mean yeah he deserves a Trial but we already know he’s guilty. all he needs is a simple hearing and sentencing. otherwise everything else is a big waste of money.

The Media has painted this guy as a Madman since that happened.  Even if they did find that he has mental issues it’s no way to downplay what he did or give him a lesser sentence. Anybody else would have been put to life in prison or death with no question of their mental condition.  

I personally think the man needs to be jailed for life. because IMO it’s just as equal to Death. and I don’t really agree with the death penalty.

It’s wild to me, because here in New Orleans there was a man who confessed to five murders,  He got the death penalty with no mental evaluation and despite that They used Mental Retardation as a last minute defense, the jury made the decision with no evaluation and  he got sentenced to Death.

Sometimes Criminal activity is premeditated or provoked but it’s not a mental condition.

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