Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sleepy Time | Continuation of Randomness

i_whalen4Aight, I’ve been sleepin’ at odd times & Waking up when I’m supposed to really be sleeping…

Today, well Yesterday..I didn’t go to sleep and I’m still up now…. But I’m not finished Cleaning this room.. Yeah, Partly due to stuff on the PC, but I’ll be off in a minute.

Because of all of that though,  I’ve been Missing Wrestling… Sux..

I washed a whole lot of clothes  yesterday.. Now i have to Rewash some things because of an overload..

I’m about to start Throwing Clothes away. I just Threw away 2 pairs of Dickies pants away. They were Old.. I need to throw my black ones away too. the pocket is torn… that has happened to many pairs of slacks I've worn. I do know How, but I hate that it happens.

I made This Image Below for J and her dance Group….
.. Sent her a Txt this morning about it… Hopefully she’ll like it..

It’s good, but My Creative Juices don’t flow how they’re supposed to when I’m asked to do things.  She has Frat Bro’s who can do. but she asks me because she know I’d do it with the quickness.

i_helpjapan7Don't Forget About Japan, They’re not in the news as much as the Libya & Yemen situations now but they’re still in a bad position


Organizing Pictures on This PC was time consuming.

Ahh.. And Everybody wants a Cartoon Pic Like me. My buddy Kenyetta asked me for one today… I had to tell her like I told the others, A friend of mine did it, but if i knew how she’s have one by now.


Well I do know how it was done, I just don’t have those tools.


oh man, I never mentioned on here that The day of the where the moon was at its biggest. I taped and got real close up on it.. Aside from that, I learned some new camera tricks… we’ll they’re old, i just figured that working the thing manually would be cool. now that I see how it works.. I’ll use it often.

Man, This video  made a whole lot of sense to me..LOL! .. one of 2

The Follow up was also just as Great.. Click the red bar after watching that video..



I Downloaded Black’s Law Dictionary version 2 in PDF Formkage1
I was trying to download Finale Reader..  I dont feel like having to sign in.. All The Bugmenot Accounts aren't workin’

I was Introduced to Microsoft Sharedview via Kandace.

Cool Program, too bad i can’t use it due to the fact that I don’t want to downgrade from IE9 to make it work…

Diana Ross Is a Winner!.. at least that’s what she said after this Nip Slip in Mahogany!..lol


Not Sure if I Mentioned this but downloaded some games to the PC, in which I’ll hardly ever play… I started Zelda again on Wii.. gotta get back to the end..LOL!


I still got things to do.. I may have to turn this off for now…



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