Monday, March 28, 2011

The One That Got’em

Last weekend, I was on here Laughing at my boy Shawn's pictures in a ribbing session.  My boy Ben took a picture of Mr. Pregnant and posted it up on Shawn’s page. At this this point the ribbing session began… dude was saying all kinds of stuff. it was funny.. I didn’t respond. Then, Been Ask that i do a Picture Smack, because Shawn likes to use photos to get at folks.

At that point. I started it off….

Shawn is Umaga’s

He Came Back with This Esther Rolle  … The Irony would be Good Times and me being known as “Bookman” ya know

The Only way i could comeback to that was with this… Shawn as Zordon.


TKO!! lol… 

Funny thing is that Ben was just telling me tat Shawn gave up when he saw that. because nobody ever came at him with it like that..LOL. 


I have been doing photo smack for a long time so i know what it takes to get a quick laugh.. It was probably the only other thing i could come up with though. LOL!

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