Monday, April 11, 2011

Closing of The Domino Effect

I was Looking at the News Report of the Closing of the Domino Effect Club & Building due to all the violence and murders which took place in or around the club. I posted it on my Facebook wall to get the peoples reaction.

Here’s The Report Along with the peoples reactions. (watch the video)

Larry C.
The only issue I have with this, is that closing the building won't stop the crime...It won't happen in the building anymore, but it will still happen in that area...smh

I Agree With That Myself.

Deb C.
The issue is holding bar owners accountable for what goes on in their bars. I live in Treme and this bar has been the biggest thorn in our sides for years. The owner doesn't live here, she lives in Texas. The ABO has let her slide for years even though she has been found to serve liquor to minors, always some shootings happening in there, then she lets her bank robbing cousins change the name and run the place and they haven't had it a year and already they ended up shooting people themselves. Chinie runs the Candlelight around the corner and she never has any drama in her club - EVER. We might have killings in the neighborhood, but she's not contributing to them with negligent and illegal behavior. That's the difference between a good establishment and one that helps tear the community its in down. That place Club Fabulous/Domino Effect - whatever - needs to go.


Larry C.  In Response to Deb
Yea, the owner should be more concerned for the well being of the customers, but at the same time the real problem is the crime itself, not the building some of it is happening in. Those same people that cause problems in that bar are gonna be in the streets causing trouble or just find another local bar to shoot up....

I Myself can feel that there are too many  Night clubs in the city of the same caliber. The Kinds that attract the Teens and Violent behavior due to how the clubs are promoted.  For years I’ve heard of Bar Fights and even stabbings. but Murders near clubs are getting out of hand. you cant always blame the owner of the building. but they be labile for the crowed they bring in to their business.

My Brother in Law Has a bar now. he opened  it to attract a more mature audience in the neighborhood. not for the Hood-Club hoppers as the business was 2 years prior to him gaining this business.  I support what he’s doing and we hope nothing happens outside or inside of his business that would cause a closing. 

The Irony is that so much has happened at various clubs/bars in the city where they’re going to make it more difficult to start businesses that serve alcohol. Even for Small Town Shops.. and that’s  sad.   to me.. The city itself is so fixed on promoting the adult night life, til the quality of life for citizens is just poor..

Crazy to me

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