Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Think It’s Wild to see Edge Retiring

It’s wild to me because I remember his first matches in WWE, The dude had some of the best matches I’ve seen, Mainly in the Tag Team division. but he’s a great entertainer all around. After being 11 time World champ, you’d think he wouldn’t need to wrestle again. but it was his passion. I think it’s wild because I was just talking to Pa on the phone about a recent bus ride where he met edge, the Irony is that Edge told him of the pain he was living with… and I just talked to Pa like a week ago… Now to se edge retiring is Crazy

On RAW, Edge explained his situation and called his time in WWE as he saw it both kayfabe and real. I’m glad to have witnessed the most of it, as well as to have the opportunity to see him live in the Later Match, one of the matches His name will forever be on due to a spear he gave to Jeff hardy in mid air.. Things like that, you ever forget.. Sad to see him go.. but as he said, at least he won’t end up in a wheelchair. .. I’ll hit up Pa about this one.

Here’s Edge Announcing his retirement.

Here’s some footage of Cena Saying paying homage to the man after his match with the miz last night.

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