Thursday, April 07, 2011

Got The Cut, Now I’m Ready.

IMAG0018Today I was supposed to be going to French Quarter Fest, but I guess I’ll chill until tonight. I’ll be heading to Landry High to record a performance by Southern University’s Concert Band.  I’ll see about that though. I should head to Walgreens to see if they sell Tripods because I need one for today.

….Gotta Eliminate this footage from my cam before I head out to Landry too.  Gotta have enough space to record at least 2 hours of music. think I might be going back to the Who Dat Bar tonight with Cliff & T. so I’m trying to keep my stomach empty. LOL.. I’ll probably go to French Quarter Fest tomorrow or Sunday.

I still want to go get me some New Pants, I may have to head to Soul Train to get some. it’s close and I can fit what they have. LOL!. I’ll hit up Cliff soon.

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