Thursday, April 07, 2011

Visited Frank Yesterday

Man, Yesterday was my first time over by the Artist / Band Director, Frank Lewis. The first think he showed me was his hand, where the tip of his finger was sliced off at West Jeff. Before than, I was under the impression that his index was completely off. For Him it’s a set back because he’s on leave to recover.  Which he’s going to show up tomorrow to get some things done.  But it’s still a setback musically and educationally.

of course I had my camera, So you know when I walked In the first thing I did was point to that Ocean of soul picture he made. lol. he’s got artwork all over the place. Instruments as well. It’s The Life of an Musician.

While  There Discussing Band, His wife and kids walked in… Whoa! it’s Mrs. Lewis from Phillips my days at Phillips! ..LOL she was always cool.. but strict when it came to getting things done. She wasn’t my teacher or anything but she was well liked by the students. I think she helped with the dance & Auxiliary teams.

Over All Yesterday I had a good time foolin’ with Tramaine & Cliff though. The Who Dat Bar & Grill was pretty cool…. I was going to go out tonight with them but i think i’m going to go out to French Quarter Fest.  I’m Out… Gotta get the Bush Whacked!

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