Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think I’ll check craigslist

28-85 mm lensI may have to put up an ad on craigslist to get rid of these old cams, or see what i can do to sell them as for scraps. because the cams have good lenses, I don’t want to throw them away. Giving them away to someone who needs it, or trading it for something may be the best thing I could o.

Honestly I need another picture camera, it’s one of the things I need more than i want. I’d prefer to take pictures Video is at a high demand, but Its the photos that got me where I am today.  I’ve learned from some of the best I know and am still learning today. Because of it I try to perfect what I know about both film and photography, although similar, the mediums are not exactly the same, so with that said. I try to perfect what I do but reviewing what I know, and gaining all the knowledge that i can, based on the things i may read or that i am taught along the way.. that’s how it works for me..

Still gotta check craigslist though..

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