Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“Y Come” It’s Been A While

Well It’s Wednesday Folks, That Means One Thing! Time to do it like this…

Total Randomness ,

Y come..

  • There are many sleep walkers in the world
  • Oh Awesome One Is Coming
  • Saw This cat i knew as a child
  • I wonder what name they’re going to give her
  • I was following the yellow brick road.
  • now he’s out there
  • All Due to my misunderstanding..
  • Messin’ With Sasquatch
  • She Hanged
  • I’m not anybody important
  • Two Time Two Time.
  • but I do think I’m good at what i do.
  • Let Me Know..
  • WWE’s Just WWE now
  • That’s All I’m sayin
  • Chris P. Cream
  • found myself watching NXT
  • That was Taken Way out of context
  • I’m good..
  • It was disturbing
  • I’d Rather end it here for now..
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