Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Light of a headache I Should Be Sleeping...

I Made some Tuna and Cleaned up some things today, suddenly I gain this headache. but I blame the game I recently downloaded on the Wii.. It’s some kind of race care game. Prior to it. I wasn’t feeling so queasy….lol 

Aside from that..

I’m Having some PC issues that seem as though they can’t be fixed…. at least for now.
For some reason, while my mom was on the PC attepting to burn a CD. the Quick Find area on my Roxio Creator 2010 Audio/MP3 CD burner isn’t loading properly. I’ve disabled the Media Manager as well as attempted to reinstall it. still doesn’t work. I may have to attempt at Repairing it again.

It happened Windows 7, which also for some reason also doesn’t want to install the service pack 1 update.  Even after troubleshooting and multiple Tries, even downloading the software to the PC prior to installing. it’s Not happening. I may have to search for a solution.  The one thing that I didn’t try was burning the DVD copy which i have downloaded.

I need a new Hard drive man, I only have like 25gb left on my good hard drive. I may have to start using the older one I have. it has nothing on it I think that’s the smart thing to do.

and Then again… I should be sleeping..

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