Monday, May 02, 2011

The World Is Very Different Now.

9/11/01, The date America was Attacked & the Towers came down. I was In High School, At that point The world was changed forever. There were changes in National and Global Security and The War on Terror Begun. Since that time I’ve tuned in and tuned out of the things that associated with these wars simply because you get tired of hearing about people dying,

I’ve seen pictures and video of the madness from various news sources.  We’ve seen published online the works of Al-Qaeda and other Terrorist organizations, the capture and killing of innocent people such as reporters who were beheaded live online.  We’ve seen the Capture of Saddam.. We’ve seen more bloodshed… And Here, Now nearly 10 years later we’re looking the demise of the man We’ve blamed for it all, the man who’s taken responsibility for it all… Osama Bin Laden

After all the tapes and the threats on air., after all the conspiracies .. Today  we now know that Osama Bin Laden was Killed in a Mansion in a Regular Neighborhood.. Not in a Cave like they lead us to believe, but a Mansion.. He was Living it up.. Now He’s Dead and Buried at sea…

At This point, it’s like  “WOW… It’s About time!”  Many folks were giving up on His capture. it’s been used as the butt of many jokes for years and now that' it’s really happened. It’s shocked the world especially Obama confirming it.. that put the icing on the cake for many…

It’s almost like Justice being served for all that has been done by the terrorist who have followed his lead and for the families of victims of 9/11 and for the Troops killed in the war. It

Thanks to the Troops Many Operations over the have been Accomplished. but the the Mission is not complete. it’s also uncertain that the terrorism will continue by individuals or groups who were in support of Bin Laden, or if al-Qaeda will remain strong.  only Time Will tell.. But the Face of Terrorism has been taken down and that’s a great thing. 

Yeah, I’m happy to know this.. but I know it’s not over… Hopefully we can get the troops out of there…  The People are celebrating. History is being made. but the fight is still on..Thanks to the Troops, Thank you Obama, Thank you America, Thank God for Freedom.

We’ve seen Change 9 Year ago. and We’re seeing Change now…. It’s Amazing..

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