Friday, April 01, 2011

It’s Friday! Friday!

Rebecca Black Moment …. (if you didn’t get that Click Here) ..Most Annoying song ever..LOL

So I got up at 2am to show this game to my mom, I got back to the room an I saw that I had Missed a call. “Stalker Nicole”  .. Why me? LOL I hadn’t talked to this woman since New Years Day, Why Would she all me at 2am on a random Friday?

This woman graduated from my Alma Mater in 1990, Why is she trying to talk to me? I don’t know (SMH). I don’t want to hold conversations with her because they always pertain to her problems with men. That isn't my problem.  I’m not trying to get with u..LOL No Way!.. She works at a Mental Institution and she makes fun of the patients. I don’t find in amusing but she laughs her behind off.

Honestly, at this time of the morning, I’m usually talking to Qui or Kandi, but to have someone I really don’t want to talk to or even know personally enough (within my age group) to be talking to at this time of the AM.

That’s All I have to say about that… lol

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