Friday, April 01, 2011

Had this Crazy Dream

Tiger Cub playing in waterI had this dream that I was running from Tigers. I think they were mutant they were real huge. The Tigers were running in the park.. Like Audubon Park.. Yet somehow I ended up in the river,.. It’s like I saw the tiger coming toward me and i jumped in.. Swam to the other side, but when i made t there, the current took me underneath. and I was there for a long time trying to swim up… i never got out of the water, suddenly I woke up..

Prior to that dream I dreamt of a situation where I was being chased by someone  I don’t remember exactly who or why.. but I was running, and jumping from rooftops and it was all Superhuman.. running through a hotel, breaking walls, elevators and getting slammed in to buildings and things…

What could this all Be?

Well, I don’t Know, But the Irony of it all is, I had fallen asleep not too long after talking to my brother about possibly working at the Zoo or for Audubon in general.  It’s time I work because I need to Make money.. Create an Income and LIVE!

a day ago I watched Hancock, that can explain the super heroism…

As for Drowning.. I don’t know. I guess it was because I talked to Kandace about the way Tsunami’s work.. I don’t have any fear of drowning because I can swim well enough to survive.  It’s being attacked by a Sea Creature that would scare the hell out of me.LOL

I don’t know. i think its funny though.

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