Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rising River

On May 3rd  levees on the on the Mississippi river were blown up to stop flooding in towns up north Places in Illinois, Missouri & Kentucky are flooding badly.  Every time i see news like that, i shake my head.  Now that they blew those levees It’s expected that Louisiana will be getting a whole lot of water especially  in places like Baton Rouge

I think there won’t be any flooding to the New Orleans area due to the fact that we’ve experienced high water levels many times in the river from floods in the recent past.… but in Baton Rouge it sure may have depending on how high the water gets.  because the way the River looks there is similar to how land meets water in Bayou St. John…  at least that’s how i saw it from where I was standing…

All in all, I hope the flood waters in the northern states drop fast and flow directly into the gulf with no problem. because they’re reporting that This could be as big as the great Mississippi River flood of 1927… sounds terrible..

… The Irony of that is that here in N.O. The Katrina conspiracy is that “They” purposely destroyed the levee’s here. … I’ll leave it at that for now because it’s been talked about enough in my opinion.

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