Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Removed A re-posted Article from here

Back in April 2005 I blogged about The Sniper Situation with Mark Essex some time after watching the movie "Phonebooth"  Soon After seeing the movie, I did a search for "Sniper In New Orleans" to see what I'd get. I talked to my parents about it as well as other folks who remember it happening..

Because of all of the talk and after blogging about it, I searched the web for info on Essex and found an entry  on BestofnewOrleans.com called "The Heroes of The Howard Johnson" which was written some time in 2003 I cut & pasted it to is blog for my readers to see proof of what I had recently blogged about who may not  have known what it was..Well. Today I decided to delete it from this blog, Why? because the article is good where it originally was.. Here's a link to it one more time.

Heroes of The Howard Johnson
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