Monday, May 09, 2011

It’s Been a Year Since The Loss of B. Franklin

Brandon Franklin Saxophone Player of TBC Brass BandBrandon Franklin was a man with a plan to succeed in live and it was all taken away from him one year ago Today. And Not A Day Has gone by without him on the minds of those who knew him.  Brandon’s Legacy Lives Strong within The Band Community.

I Met Brandon back in 2005 one night on the Corner of Bourbon Street & Canal where he  performed with the TBC Brass Band. As they stopped to take a break, I went to greet them All. At that time, I had known most of the members of the TBC Brass Band so Brandon was a new face to me. and I was surprised because they finally had a Saxophone player…. and a good sax player at that!

After that Acquaintance I had only seen Brandon with With Walker’s Band or With TBC. I’ve only talked to him a few times briefly on occasion. Other than that, It was All Work and Music for him.  but when we did talk it always was something Band related or Video taping because that’s how we knew each other.

The Last time talked him was only 2 weeks before he was killed, Walker’s band was performing for Tipitina’s Instrument’s-A-Comin’ Benefit , I believe Brandon Himself had performed that night as well. The Last performance in Town before Walker’s band went off to Atlanta to perform. I had no clue would be the last time I'd ever get to see him.

I got the news of his death Via Facebook from his fellow band mate Bernard, TBC Tuba Player who  mentioned it in  his Facebook status.  Seems like The Very next day Everybody in the Band Community Knew of His Death. When The News got out. Everyone were Shocked and Angered by it.  Not only because he was Killed, But because it happened in front of his Child.

As Tragic as it was. It brought a large community of bandsmen together to perform in his honor. In both Marching Band as well as Brass Band “Second Line” Fashion. There’s even a Documentary which unknowingly captured what was to be the final 2 years of his life.  Not only that, The Brass band Community as well as his family and friends are still grieving in his memory.

If Only he could have lived to see what has been done in his honor. Much Respect to all who put those events together in his honor. hopefully someday his son can grow up and fulfill a dream that was taken away from his father.

Here are A Few of the many Article’s that Surrounded His Murder & His life.


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