Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It’s got me thinking… ACTION!

windows-safe-modeTo Act Upon My Craft is Not Easy, I’ve only made Little effort to do as I do. otherwise, It’s nothing happening on my end.  I know this sounds confusing to you all but I’ll make sense when it happens.  

From the time i started doing computer repair, Pictures and Video. I’ve rarely gotten paid for anything I do. I don’t ask for compensation I just do it. Most recently I’ve been charging folks for PC repair. but It never works out as planned.  As for Photography and Filming. These are things I do on my own or with the Band site, for free. I don’t charge folks Nor do i claim to be a photographer due to all the situations that prevent me from getting clientele on my own.

Generally People love my work, folks love what I do, and They want me to do things, they even encourage me to take the steps to make it happen.  Folks even Ask me for advice. but my advice is only limited to what i know. 

At this point after holding a long convo with a friend of mine. I think it’s time to apply my knowledge and make situations work right for me so that I can start making money.  The Goal is to Do Now and prepare for Greater and bigger things.  It’s all on me.  All It takes Is to apply my knowledge. advertise and Just DO it.   It’s the only way it will work.

In My Case,  What’s stopping me is none other than Myself. My Assurance Level and Self Confidence is Low. So It makes me feel like Doing it won’t work.  But it won’t hurt me to try. I Have nothing to lose. The Hindrances for me are Things like transportation and equipment.  I know this for a fact. It’s time that I do something about it and stop waiting on a miracle because it won’t happen for me that way.

It’s Time, I think I can…. I Know I Can!

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