Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Thursday Morning

And I’ve Been up all night…
I Went to the store this Morning and nabbed me 3 Sobe’s
I Got Bored really, that’s what made me go.
I Might fall asleep in mid day…
I have to check them Trackers for the cam and light.
I Talked to Justice Last night…. Laughin’ about a situation on The Site…
Told her That I was going to act upon those things we discussed.
I hit up Smokey, Told’em I ordered  the Cam!
Talked to Qui The Other day… Yep Told her about them things…
Talked to Bethany This Morning…  S P E C I A L….
Talked to Kandace Too Yesterday but it was brief..
if she knew how special she looks in them pics she’d  Kill’em LOL!
I have my Brother in Law’s PC, putting some software on it to keep it clean.
That Trip to Orlando FLORIDA is not too far away…
I’m Awaiting the Arrival of The cam….
Because of it I may not go on that trip to Lake Charles, or Memphis or where ever The Band Is Going..
Elmo was on Jimmy Fallon last night That was funny…
With my sleeping patterns it’s hard keeping track of the days… SMH. I walked to the gas
Station Store this morning and guess what I saw….. The Stuff I ALWAYS see. lol

A Nuisance
Just Like That Fool who played with my phone.. ..
Got one of them calls from a fruitboody claiming he got my number of the partyline .. SMH.. FRUITS! ..
I know who did that to me... he thinks its funny but the dude is dumb & childish
I could shoot a war movie
This SBInc Thing is going pretty well..
Man I Just Installed SuperAntiSpyware. Haven’t used it in years and it’s already detected a Rogue software that others scanners didn’t find.. Hmm.
I need to stop telling folks what I do and just charge them to do it  myself

That Green Is Inspiring. I may go back to using the green colors…

I’m done for now…


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