Friday, May 13, 2011

Silence 2011

I Started writing this when Blogger was down,  While so, I’ll make it my duty to write here now.I Was in the Midst of Publishing the entry about the rapture party  when I realized Blogger was down… It’s still down as I’m typing.  It’s 4:46. It was down originally on the 9th for Updates but is down officially as of YESTERDAY to roll back the issues faced with the recent updates. causing blogger to erase posts that were created prior to the update.

I was on Twitter and folks are talking about moving to wordpress…. I like word press myself, but not as much as blogger. maybe it’s due to brand loyalty or something. I actually have a word press account. I planned on using it in the past as Community blog. but nah. I’m good with that.. I think I’ll hit the sack right now because i have that cam coming in and i want to be up all day with it when it gets here ..LOL

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