Friday, May 13, 2011

Rapture Party?! WOW!

Apparently we have a new date that the “End of the World” Begins to take place. May 21, 2011. and the hype about it is crazy. This is funny. I’m gonna take this time to just say I’m a Non-Believer in May 21st.. LOL The funny party is The Rapture party or the “Left Behind Party”. I first read about this on the American Zombie Blog when I heard about this party. With me putting all my Religious beliefs aside. … I think the whole thing is funny!.

What’s odd is that the the whole May 21st thing is the 2nd Time i heard about it this week. My Lil brother told me about how kids at the school were talking about the date. and now a “Left Behind Party”..That Takes the cake.

I even saw Links from bible sites discussing the impending date

As much as I love to talk about these kind of things. I think folks have gone nuts! I don’t want any part of I guess I’ll be Swept up to heaven! before i take part in the festivities.. LOL!

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