Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slow Start, But Progress is being made.

Believe it or not, Last night I ordered a Camera Bundle from Amazon, So By the fall I’ll be good to go. After showing Gerard the camera model this morning, he insisted i ordered another build of the camera. but by then the camera had been ordered and shipped.  It will be here before the weekend. isn’t that great?!

It’s a  Canon EOS Rebel T21.

It’s a Consumer cam but of course the quality is great. I was watching some video  reviews and the camera looks wonderful. i may also have to use it to record. but i don’t think i it would be the in the best interest of myself. .. I might as well bring both cameras along.  That’s a lot of baggage but it’s a start.

As for the website. I’ve been looking at free easy setup hosting, like webs or weebly where i don’t really HAVE to set up a page.  Aside from that, I do have an old blog that i can use as a page until then. LOL At this point it’s time to get my information together.

After talking to more friends and trying to Rethink a new name. I decided to keep the one i already have It will come together in Due Time. as for now. its only about creating a decent subdomain name.

Until Then, I have to go back to the basics, Re-Evaluate my own work. and then put the good stuff out!.

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