Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday XP

Today I found myself Fixing my cousins Windows XP computer. Everything was wrong with it. She bought the computer from someone, Not only did it have hundreds of viruses, There were way too many system errors.  All files on the PC were Hidden. It took a long time to get the machine up and running. I I had to unhide them to get all the programs and files in the start menu running.  I even had to manually stop malware from activating. Aside from that. my Cousin who now owns this PC, was only using it through the Guest profile setting.

Aside from the Computer being pretty much updated, there’s no way to update it now because  there are system files missing that prevent it from happening. I even had to download the rundll32 file.. Just imagine having to do a whole load of maintenance without being able to access these system files.  Good thing i have Harins Boot CD   With it I was able to use it to access the main admin account, scan for viruses & malware as well as fix the registry before actually un-hiding the files. oddly enough i couldn’t merge or delete older profiles on the PC.. But I was able to open them up.


After getting all of that straight, I tried to Install Microsoft Security Essentials, NO HOPE. I  thought I'd be able to get that done. NOPE…. I downloaded Avast For Boot Virus Scanning purposes only.  It got rid up  whole lot of Trojans & Worms. After The Scan, I Uninstalled it. Then Installed the New Version of Advance System Care. which, for this system Is the perfect all in one utility. for the system.  In addition to that. I installed a few other programs to the PC just for general usage purposes. such as Picasa, Live Essentials, Open Office  The Zune Theme, as well as a recent Codec Package.

There are still minor problems like shutdown times and even activation of the shutdown starter as well as Account and user switching. but to assure that the think gets shutdown properly, I added a Shutdown Shortcut to the desktop.

What was crazy about this whole thing is that after un-hiding everything, I looked through and deleted all of the Photo, Video and Data files within the “My Documents” section. there were 32GB of  Unused Media since 2007. it’s crazy because all my cousin was able to access was the internet from this PC.    Aside from those  documents being school work, about 12 of them were letters to her Military Man, or Ex Military man.. Yeah I skimmed through a few of them. they had titles like “I Hate Him” and “To My One and Only” that drew my attention LOL. Shame right? … Well yeah. I deleted all of it. The only thing i kept on it was the Music.   Now I can Return it to it's current owner  with no serious issues and more space to actually USE the PC.

The funny thing about it, No matter when I'm fixing a PC and i post something on Facebook about it, Folks are like “Get A Mac” or laugh at the posts …  thinking It’s my own PC,..they don’t realize I fix these things for compensation. I’m The Man when it comes to this stuff…  Also. I myself don’t use a Mac.but I do have a desire to just don’t have the money for it. at the same time just like anyone else, Brand loyalty speaks louder sometimes…

I’m about to check in to a few more things before i shut that bad boy down for good

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