Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday Love…

I Spend The Day Messing With  Sasquatch( as in My Facebook Friends). In fact, I Was up over night that’s how my day began.. sometime in mid day I went in to Hibernation. when I got up, 8 calls missed and Here’s The reason. This Morning at like 6am I Texted Bethany to see what she was up to. She just so happened to be going through some personal issues with her babies daddy. we talked about that for a while.. she says I brightened her day because of it ….Open-mouthed smile 

After talking about some random stuff, she decided that she was going to change her relationship status on Facebook to “In A Relationship” with me. Since then, we both have been Joked out thinking of the old times as well as laughing at folks who are believing it.  No less than 5 minutes of the name change, I was getting “Likes” and Comments to that status change.

See, Before today, My relationship status hadn’t been visible I made it visible on purpose. We both have done this like 3 times in the but nobody would have know because our it wasn’t visible to the public.  The coolest part is, She changed her pic to an old one of us together, that was funny because it seems so believable.

Yall should see the status replies I’ve gotten. Only a few people Knew that me and Bethany were an actual couple. I even got a phone call from Kandace… She got a call from Brandy who doesn’t know Bethany or never knew of her, so when Brandy told Kandace about it. Kandace called like 3 times trying to figure out what was up… LOL I told her “ I’ll call u and let u know the details” ..LOL when she finds that it’s Bethany She’ll just Laugh at it all.

I didn’t even Mention it while talking to Qui because it’s likely she already knew it was a joke.  The funny thing is, the way we both were responding to these messages were all Giggles!  They’re not paying attention to detail. .. and the funny part about it.. my page views skyrocketed with folks being nosey… yeah there’s no page count on facebook  you can sure tell who’s  recently viewed your page by looking at your friends list when u log on to your page LOL

Here are How the statuses comments went (aside from me & B’s)

“Well congratulations. Bethany has to be special Book. Me knowing you by itself is evidence of that. Normal people don't get with weird people. … That Being Said, I’m Happy For You Book.”

LOL Nelson Has No Clue….

Christmas:Dying laughing like WOOOOOOW who would have think, congrats book......i guess at Bethany'”

“Book all ima tell you is to go get the white stray jacket and soon as she go to sleep son put that muvfukka on her son IM SO SERIOUS lol.......naaaah but congratulations tho Cous she need somebody to tame her but wait book you moved to OP or Beth you came to the N.O.”

To the First part Bethany was like .. ”if only U Knew”.. and to the second one she gives an obvious hint that we’re just joking"… saying “It’s like we’re together but in our minds LOL!”

See The Think Is, Jeff Knows that I was with Bethany, He met her sometime after Katrina while spending time in Opelousas..LOL THAT was funny too. I remember when he found that out he hit me up like Whaaaaat! but yep. Jeff doesn’t have a clue we’re faking it.,. Yep “ROUND 2!” lol


LOL that sounds like a classic headline.. Reg .. probably will read this entry and should know by now that we’re just messing with folks ..LOL

Tramaine:look at tht boi....”

Likewise he’s Clueless, Yet he should know because he knew of her from way back and should have already assumed we were playing.. I guess he may think it’s What it is…

The Science Project is Working and In The Meantime, We’ll be laughing at these folks… What’s even funnier is the fact that 3 of Bethany’s Cousins have added me so far.  I was only connected to one of her cousins prior to this.. lol anybody from Opelousas who knows me should automatically assume we’re just playing .. That’s if they know her personally….LOL

It’s been a Great day… We’re going to keep this going until she’s ready to drop the title … The Funny thing is. We were up her talking about putting it as a Civil Union because it would have made it even funnier. lol

I’m about to call Kandace in a Minute to mess with her…. Aside from that. I have other things I’d like to talk about .. HA HA!!.. PURE RANDOMENESS!

The Book

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