Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time Flies

Only a day away before we head to Florida, It’s going to take like 3 hours to get to the state.. after that. nearly 8 hours to get to Orlando. This is the first time I’ll be there, Hopefully we get to stop by the impact zone at Universal Studios. So many sights to see, so much to do.  only like 3 full days of fun.. I hope this all does us well..

I plan on taking Hundreds of pictures… yeah that’s basically it!.. and video too!. which reminds me, today i have to unleash all that footage for Johnny.  I’ll see about doing that so he can have it fast!.. I’ll see about getting that done b4 Wednesday.

Lets hope this trip goes without error… I’m taking the cameras! gotta charge’em up!.. it’s gonna be a Loooooooong Day today..lol

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