Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Just Released A New Unit of SBI Members

The Thread’s Here  Where I Unleashed the New Members. In the past i made some crazy choices and had to replace people but it doesn’t matter all we’re trying to do is keep the forum active.  Some of these guys have been around for a long time. others are just really active members.. They make the site what it is.. They’ve Earned The Rite to be SBI.

The Thread Looks like this


A few Weeks ago, we told you we were watching....

And Now I Introduce to you  The 8 Individuals who have been summoned by the

Marchingsport Tactical Division of Slaw Busters, Inc.

We Welcome The

61st SOCOM Unit

  • bamasax4
  • B. Mitchell
  • Bernard "The Egyptian Prince" Iwegbu
  • Chitown's Finest
  • Coach L. Carter
  • James Ledford
  • Tapemaster

And If You Didn't See This Coming...
It's Probably Because You are

Just Remember Folks

"It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It"

Abide By It  Or be Terminated

With that said ...

.....May The Force Be With You

The Following Announcement Has Been Paid For By Slaw Busters, Incorporated
Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program

…. and the music plays ..LOL

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