Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally got some time

I spent most of my day yesterday and the day before actually, preparing a PC for my brother. It’s my old XP. I was actually trying to load music on it from my external but it conked out on me, I almost thought it was a problem with my hard drive. which i still need to defrag it.. i’ll do that now while I’m up,

Generally what i was doing was preparing the PC for General usage. making sure it was up to date and less vulnerable to viruses. & malware. I was able to accomplish that. The only problem is that it’s outdated and is slow when using some programs. other than that it’s good enough for simple usage.  it’s a windows XP with like an 80gb Hard drive 2gb of ram and a single 32 bit processor.  there aren’t many programs on the thing but it still works.

We weren’t using it here, so i decided that instead of my brother having his services cut off. I’d just give him the PC we weren’t using. I think im going to remove my DVD burner from it in a few minutes. .. I hope it does him well.  There were other things I needed to blog about I just couldn’t come up with a way to get them out of my head.. Other than that.. i’m Done!

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