Saturday, June 04, 2011

Great Day at Universal!

I had to get this post in before the day was over .. central time at least.. LOL...but yeah The family and I spent nearly 10 Hours on the road getting here we got here at about noon friday but where looked out technically due to the fact that we were standing at the wrong place. When we got in. we chilled and rested for the next day....

We're in a Random Condo Resort where there a Ire also living residents. kinda cool!. I'm currently outside online because the connection sucks indoors.  .... I just tried calling somebody to let them know im outside. don't want'em to forget! lol.. I've enjoyed my weekend so far,., Meanwhile Im getting all kinds messeges regarding events that were supposed to be taking place on the 5th.. they were canceled  and i posted that on facebook last week.. They read, yet  still asked.

Anyway man.. back to my vacation!.. LOL  yeah I realize that this place we're in is technically built in support of the 2 big theme parks. most businesses along the main strip are either hotels, Gaming areas, mini theme parks, resturants, gift shops or Resorts with them all... I love it all, yet it's so expensive. 2 days over $100 a person just about for a day. and we're a group of 8 ... wild..

I myself was entertained. the various rides, attractions were typically what i expected but they were all good. I I'd post photos now but I don't feel like putting in the work.  I will probably post photos when i get back home.   Today was a workout. Did alot of walking. in that park and aferwards i did alot of Buffet'ing ..LOL we went to a random chinese resturant.  over all the packed spots that were here.. it was cool though  Universal Studios was great. Hopefully I'll come back out here in the future for Disney.. We've got more Univeral to see tomorrow.  I'll probably blog more about that too.

I'm having a great time...

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