Sunday, June 05, 2011

Checkin' In Once again

After a wild day at Universal I'm back... More Rides, More craziness, more confusion more everything. but it was all fun. Earlier I checked in on bandhead,org just to inform folks of my vacation.  Just to start some crazy conversation like there used to be...

Back to the Universal... LOL yeah.. we were on the Island of adventure side. i got on a few rides 3 and 4 times. others once.. I hated the fact that me being big killed time for cerrtain rides. and among that family related stuff slowing us down. in the end. i got me 2 hats and my 3 year old nephew a "Thing 3" shirt.. the character from Dr. Suess. Funny because i have Thing 1 & 2 Hats ..LOL .. I'll wear them with red stuff i guess. LOL!

Overall Time was great. 2morrow we relax and probably shop.  Tuesday. we ride home!

Here's a pic of the family from the Jarassic Park ride

I'm out for the night!
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